Unknown iOS 16 Features You Should Be Aware Of

Unknown iOS 16 Features You Should Be Aware Of

You don't want to miss these undiscovered features in Apple's latest iPhone upgrade, which launched today. The iPhone 14 won't be available until this Friday, September 16, but iOS 16 is already available and your current iPhone most likely supports it. The biggest new features are a redesigned lock screen that can be customized, the option to edit and delete text messages, and the simple removal of people, animals, or objects from images. But iOS 16 offers much more than just those features. You'll be happy to find that the iPhone has a number of new hidden functions that could drastically alter the way you use it. Here's what you need to know if you want to learn more about some of the hidden treasures that iOS 16 has to offer, like password-protected photo albums and readily available Wi-Fi passwords.

Observe and distribute saved Wi-Fi passwords

Since a while ago, Apple has permitted iOS users to share Wi-Fi passwords, but only when two Apple devices are close to one another. Additionally, you couldn't simply get the password from your settings if that feature didn't operate automatically. Additionally, you needed to know the password if you wished to share a saved Wi-Fi password with someone else, such as an Android user or someone using a PC. Before now. Tap the tiny information icon to the right of the network for which you want the password in Settings' Wi-Fi section. Tap the Password area, then use Face ID or your passcode to view the network password.

Sync your iPhone with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons.

Apple has long allowed users to connect third-party controllers to your iPhone and iPad in order to play mobile video games like the Apple Arcade collection, Minecraft, and Call of Duty more comfortably. Examples of these controllers are the PS5 Sony DualSense and Xbox Core Controller. And you can increase that list by one more console controller. You may now connect your Joy-Con controllers to an iPhone or iPad running iOS 16 if you own a Nintendo Switch. Hold down the Joy-little Con's black pairing button initially until the green lights begin to flicker. The device is in pairing mode if this is the case. Go to Settings > Bluetooth on your iPhone after that and choose the Joy-Con from the list.

Locate and eliminate any duplicate images and videos.

There may be copies all over your photo album because you downloaded a video or saved the same picture more than once. If you have extra storage, it might not be a problem, but if not, it might be a good idea to go back and get rid of every single duplicate — which is now simple to do on iOS 16. You should now notice a brand-new Duplicates album under Utilities in Photos > Albums, where Apple searches through all of your photos and displays any images or videos you've saved more than once. You can then choose to get rid of any duplicates or just select Merge, which will save the best shot and send the others to the trash. You can use Select > Select All > Merge to eliminate all of the images and videos that Apple deems duplicates at once, however you should definitely go through each set of duplicates to be sure they are exact copies and not just similar images.

Recently deleted and hidden albums are now password-protected.

Since you can readily locate the Hidden album in the Photos app, it is obviously not hidden, rendering it useless for properly concealing private images and videos. The Hidden album can be made "invisible" by Apple, but anyone with access to your phone can make it accessible once more and see everything inside. You may now lock the Hidden album thanks to iOS 16. Actually, there is nothing you need to do to turn on this functionality. Launch the Photos app and navigate to the Albums tab at the bottom of the screen to see it. The Hidden and Recently Deleted albums have a little lock next to them if you scroll down. Use your passcode or Face ID to see what's inside.

You can bookmark tabs in Safari.

Safari only allows 500 open tabs, so if you're getting close to that number, it could be challenging to locate the precise tab you're looking for. Although you may scroll indefinitely, there is now a quicker method to get the precise tab you need. Pressing down on an open tab in Safari now gives you the option to select Pin Tab. This will pin that tab to the top of Safari where it will always be visible as a tiny tab preview that you may tap to view. A tab will move to the top of your grid of open tabs if you hold down the mouse button and unpin it.