The Top PWD Friendly Vehicles

The Top PWD Friendly Vehicles

What attributes of an automobile make it a good option for someone in a wheelchair or with a disability? It really depends on your needs and your ability. The majority of automobiles are easily adaptable to alternatives like hand controls, pedals, and hoists. Certain cars are more or less suited depending on the requirements for swivel seats, wheelchair lifts, and ramps. Five vehicles have been chosen, and each one stands out in its class for a particular adaption or usage thanks to unique qualities. This article is a terrific place to start whether you're a person who walks, uses a wheelchair actively, or even a caregiver for someone who is inactive.

Mercedes-Benz V-Class

For the self-employed parent with a big family

The Mercedes-Benz V-Class features the greatest number of seats available and ideal dimensions for a driver-side seat lift. This is our pick for the independent driver with a big family because it has a total of 7 passenger seats and a huge trunk.

Suitable adaptations: Hand controls, pedals, seat lifts, Carony-type solutions, wheelchair hoists and wheelchair lifts

Ford C-Max

a vehicle that is cozy for the driver and passengers

Swivel-seat or Carony-style wheelchair users should strongly consider the Ford C-Max. You have plenty of space to operate a seat lift comfortably through a broad, high door. Large wheelchairs and even some mobility scooters can fit in the roomy luggage area.

Suitable adaptations: Hand controls, pedals, seat lifts, Carony-type solutions and wheelchair hoists

Toyota Yaris

For the independent urban driver or passenger

The Toyota Yaris is a little but roomy vehicle that uses little gas. Its big door opening makes getting in and out easier while also making it a good candidate for a swivel seat conversion.

Suitable adaptations: Hand controls, pedals and swivel seats

BraunAbility Entervan

For those who use power chairs and remain seated when riding in or operating a vehicle

A lowered floor can be your only choice if you are unable to get in and out of your motorized wheelchair. Lowering a floor is a significant, long-lasting modification to the vehicle that voids any OEM warranty. BraunAbility offers a wealth of experience converting automobiles, and they provide a solid warranty as well as numerous well-considered options. Always check that your side- or rear-entry vehicle has the appropriate basic safety features. Your vehicle should feature a high-quality wheelchair lock, a 3-point seat belt, and head and neck protection.

Suitable adaptations: Hand controls

Volkswagen Caddy

Best all-around vehicle for adaptations that is simple to enter

No matter if you're seated or transferring from a wheelchair, this car is simple to get into due to the height of the seat and the large door opening. It is also the market's most versatile vehicle at the moment. Volkswagen gave the Caddy a lot of room while creating it, allowing you to customize it with virtually everything you can think of. We consider the Caddy to be a future-proof option because it is a suitable choice both before and after adaption. Even if you don't need a swivel seat today to get into your car, you can install one in your Caddy for tomorrow.

Suitable adaptations: Hand controls, pedals, swivel seats, seat lifts, Carony-type solutions and wheelchair hoists