The most recommended games you can play on an Apple Watch

The most recommended games you can play on an Apple Watch

Unexpectedly, your Apple Watch may be used to play games. There are a ton of games made exclusively for the tiny wrist-sized screen in the watch's own App Store. By pushing the Digital Crown to access the app screen, you may access the watch's App Store, where you can search for "games" to locate games for your watch. Similar to how it appears on the iPhone, the App Store is a stylized "A."

Remember that few watch games can compare to the experience of playing a game on your iPhone or iPad since the screen is too small, the resolution is too low, and the controls are not as reliable. However, playing games can be enjoyable. You should play these top five Apple Watch games, which we've compiled.

Pocket Bandit

Since a watch game can't have excellent visuals or quick action, Pocket Bandit makes use of the Digital Crown, the watch's one unique feature. As a safe cracker in this game, your goal is to find the combinations to the safes before the timer expires. Haptic feedback will let you know when you're getting near. It just costs $1.


The closest thing to a classic game on your wrist you'll discover is this free game. In the role-playing game Runeblade, you hack and slash your way through a brief adventure while leveling up, taking care of your inventory, and enhancing your weapons and armor. Just don't anticipate much depth.


A text-based adventure game with a wrist-sized twist that takes place in real time is called Lifeline. Only you can guide the intrepid traveler to safety as they have crash-landed on an unknown world, and you are talking to them. You'll receive reminders throughout the day when the protagonist needs your assistance, and if you delegate a task that takes an hour, he'll check back in with you an hour later to report how it went.


This distinguished instructional game challenges your mind rather than your fingers. It's like taking a daily cross between a trivia challenge, SAT test, and brain teaser with more than three dozen game modes that concentrate on memory, math, reading comprehension, and more; it's more enjoyable than it seems. Elevate is unfortunately expensive; after a 14-day free trial, a year's subscription costs $40.


Pong is just what it sounds like and nothing more, with the obvious benefit of being free. You use the Digital Crown alone to move your paddle as you compete to keep the ball in play against your watch. It's charming that you can still play a game as basic as Pong with a complicated device connected to your wrist.