The Best Dog Breeds For Senior Citizens

The Best Dog Breeds For Senior Citizens

It's time to add "Senior's companion" to the list of man's best friends, as we all agree that dogs top the list. Studies show that owning a dog improves happiness, reduces stress, and lowers blood pressure, all of which are good for one's health and wellbeing, especially for the elderly. There are many different breeds, sizes, and styles of dogs. We've put up a list of 50 of the finest dog breeds for seniors in case you're still baffled about which one is best for the senior in your life or you personally.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu, or "Lion Dog," is a small dog that is perfect for senior citizens because of its devotion, friendliness, and laid-back personality. Although it doesn't call for much activity, it does call for lots of cuddling. Despite its small stature, the Shih Tzu is a powerful guard dog. They preserve their masters because they are benevolent creatures by nature. The Shih Tzu can adapt to any lifestyle, so whether you live in a large or small home, they will be at home.


As its name implies, the Goldendoodle is a hybrid of the loving breeds of Golden Retriever and Poodle. This dog is a good choice if you need to get some exercise because it requires frequent walks. The Goldendoodle will bring you a lifetime of company since it is a fun, devoted, smart, and caring dog.


A senior must engage in regular exercise to keep their bodies healthy and balanced. This is the reason having a Beagle is advantageous. They'll keep you entertained and occupied every day. Another piece of good news is that it requires little maintenance, saving you money. What could be better than acquiring the right dog for Grandma or Grandpa? This puppy will be loved by even their grandchildren! Beagles are one of the greatest breeds for elders despite having a reputation for being boisterous and being outgoing, according to several senior care professionals. Additionally, the Beagle gets along well with kids, so even your grandchildren will like this breed's fluffy affection.


The Pomeranian's heart is huge despite its little size. This cuddly dog is affectionate, active, and at home in small settings like households. You won't have to spend any money on grooming to keep the coat in immaculate shape. The Pomeranian only need routine brushing; daily grooming is not necessary. This tiny breed shows great promise as a cat that can be trained. They are cunning and adept at learning new tricks.


This kind of intelligent dog has been dubbed the "ideal dog" for people who spend most of their time lounging on the couch because they can adapt to their environment and, yes, even your lifestyle. The Pug wouldn't mind if the older generation wasn't as mobile and active as they once were. In addition to being adaptable, Pugs are very simple to care for due to their low maintenance fur. If you want a furry pet that requires little maintenance, the Pug is a great option.

Mixed breeds

It's not necessary to have a purebred dog as a pet. Dogs of mixed breeds can also make wonderful companions. Many professionals advise elders to visit their neighborhood shelter in search of a mixed breed. This is due to the fact that handlers have already assessed the medical requirements, attitudes, and other traits of shelter dogs. The handlers will be there to help you, so you won't need to wing it or do a "eeny, meeny, miny, moe" to figure out which dog will be best for you. Additionally, it's comforting to know that dogs adopted from shelters are typically well-trained, allowing you to skip the training process and start cuddling with them right away.

Yorkshire Terrier

If you're looking for a little, obedient dog that will remain by your side for a very long time, we suggest a Yorkshire Terrier. This breed will often survive for 13 to 20 years if you take good care of it. Low-maintenance Yorkshire Terriers are popular in flats and assisted care facilities. Yorkies are easy to maintain because they only require periodic grooming. They don't require as much physical activity as we do. They'll probably spend the most of their time on your knees, which is good.

French Bulldog

Because it is compact, affectionate, and ideal for apartments, the French Bulldog is a pocket dog that you simply cannot resist. Experts on dogs claim that the French Bulldog is recognized for being loving and active. In addition to their endearing personality and large ears, you'll adore them even more because they require little maintenance and little activity. You'll probably spend more time snuggling with them if you do this, it seems.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

The ideal option for senior citizens wishing to spice up their lives is to get a Welsh Corgi Pembroke. These breeds will quickly win your heart thanks to their adorable large ears and crouching bodies. The very clever Welsh Corgi Pembroke has long been a favorite of British royalty. On the other hand, the Welsh Corgi Pembroke does not require a huge palace like the royals to be content. They are also skilled at surviving in small areas like apartments. You can anticipate being just as active as they are since they require daily exercise.


Despite not being as well-known as some of the other canines on this list, otterhounds make wonderful old companions. Otterhounds have a 12-year lifespan and will shower you with their kindness, devotion, and knowledge for a very long time. Daily exercise is required, but we believe it will be worthwhile because you and your pet will be able to spend more time together while getting in shape.


The Poodle is a great option if you're a senior who is having problems finding a dog friend because of allergies because it has a hypoallergenic coat that won't irritate you. Poodles are particularly popular among elderly dog enthusiasts due to their gentle and caring nature, as well as their readiness to adapt to communities with a senior population. In addition, they are among the breeds that are known for their intelligence and dependability.

Lhasa Apso

Little quarters like apartments are ideal for a small dog like the Lhasa Apso. Additionally, if you dislike the time-consuming grooming procedure, this breed is right for you. With an average lifespan of 14 years, Lhasa Apsos will make you happy for a very long time. The Lhasa Apso is a wonderful senior dog because it is independent, dependable, and loving.

Japanese Spaniel

You won't have to exert yourself when you own a Japanese Spaniel. A little dog also has low levels of physical activity, which is good news for you. Additionally low-maintenance, this breed just needs one weekly brushing. Do you find noise to be an issue? The Japanese Spaniel doesn't bark as much as other breeds either! When it comes to loyalty, they never let you down. You can let it run free in the yard or a park to have fun and explore on its own, but at the end of the day, it will certainly come back to you.

Italian Greyhound

Who said tiny homes or apartments were the only places small dogs could live happily? On the other side, the Italian Greyhound shows that this is untrue. This breed is not little, and not everyone loves its elegance, but despite these drawbacks, it is a very manageable and sociable dog that may give you companionship for 12 to 15 years. An Italian Greyhound can encourage you if you're a senior who's committed to leading a healthy lifestyle because they require an hour of exercise.


You'll need a dog that is just as energetic as the senior who is active. Because of their vibrant personalities and reasonable activity level compared to larger dogs, we advise buying a Corgi. A delightful breed that makes a great friend is the corgi. We are all aware of how fascinated Queen Elizabeth is with it.

West Highland Terrier

Senior citizens frequently own terriers, and the West Highland Terrier is one among them. This breed is affectionate and makes a wonderful lap dog. They only require an hour of exercise every day and are small enough to live in apartments. You'll be happy to know that they don't require any particular care to maintain their soft fur coat. All that is required is brushing.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The royal family has traditionally favored the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Even its name has a royal ring to it, as you may have noticed. But you don't have to be royalty to deserve it because this adorable lap dog can adapt to any living situation. It takes minimal work to care for this small dog, which weighs no more than 18 pounds. To maintain its fluffy, healthy hair, all it needs to do is take a bath once a week.