The Best Desserts Around The World

The Best Desserts Around The World

We've all been known to have a sweet tooth at times. We also like not to restrict ourselves to the sweets and pleasures we can find at home. Here are our favorite delicacies worth traveling to as a result of years of thorough investigation.

Baklava, Turkey

Baklava may be the most decadent dessert we are aware of. It is made of crisp phyllo dough, spiced nuts, and syrup and honey. Different types in Turkey that are flavored with rose, citrus, or other ingredients give you a good reason to eat more than one piece. Fortunately for fans of Baklava, it can also be easily accessible in many other places, including Greece.

Alfajores, Argentina

The inexpensive alfajor is popular both in Argentina and abroad. There are currently endless combinations and varieties available for this treat, which is often created with decadent dulce de leche sandwiched between two sweet cookies. You may purchase variants with chocolate coating, sugar glaze, coconut coating, and more. Our favorites, though, are the freshly baked alfajores de maicena from a bakery in Buenos Aires.

Cheesecake, Japan

The well-traveled may not find cheesecake to be an enticing treat, but stick with us. Japanese cheesecake is renowned for being far less dense than its foreign competitors. This fluffy treat will melt in your mouth; for something a little different, try the matcha variants. Green cake is delicious—who thought it could be?

Gulab Jamun, India

Gulab Jamun are bite-sized balls of milk-based dough that are slowly fried before being dipped in a syrup flavored with spices. Although they are among the sweetest delicacies on this list, the combination of cardamom and other flavors keeps them from being overly sweet. They are widely available in India and frequently topped with nuts.

Pavlova, Australia or New Zealand

Most historians concur that this sweet, creamy concoction was named after the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, but there has long been debate about whether it was actually invented in Australia or New Zealand. We would prefer seconds in either case.

Malva pudding, South Africa

Malva pudding's history is hotly contested, but one thing is for sure: it is now a traditional South African dish. The sticky, sugary cake is typically served with custard or vanilla ice cream and is baked with apricot jam. Try Cape brandy pudding, sometimes referred to as Tipsy Tart, for an alternative.

Tres Leches cake, Mexico

Tres Leches cake is a specialty of Mexico. What begins as a standard sponge cake transforms into something really decadent. Its three common ingredients—cream, evaporated milk, and condensed milk—are the inspiration for its extremely precise name. Excellent indulgence.