Cities Lost In Time- Fact or Fiction?

Our daily routines might be fairly monotonous a lot of the time. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that many people regard vanished cities to be intriguing examples of mystery, adventure, and occasionally fantasy.

The Magic Of Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal in Siberia is not your typical lake. It is the longest freshwater lake in the world, measuring 395 miles long and 49 miles broad. It is also the oldest on Earth, with a history that goes back 25 million years.

Spain's Food Fight Festival: La Tomatina!

John Belushi, the late comic actor, is best remembered for his many film performances and as a pivotal figure in the early years of the sketch comedy TV show "Saturday Night Live."

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef was viewed as a labyrinth by early explorers rather than as a natural wonder of the globe. Before it was charted in the 1800s, the aggregation of more than 3,000 reefs and 600 islands off the northeast coast of Australia led to numerous shipwrecks.