Items You Should Never Purchase Online

Items You Should Never Purchase Online

Not long ago, most individuals were hesitant to make internet purchases. You might buy a book from Amazon every now and again, but you'd never contemplate planning a vacation or purchasing clothing. But that's no longer the case. Shipping and returns have gotten lot faster, less expensive, and more flexible, and we're much more comfortable giving credit card information online. If you have an Internet connection and don't live in the middle of nowhere, there's really no incentive to go outside. Everything you need to survive might easily be delivered to your door.

Despite the convenience - and aside from the fact that you'd turn into a creepy hermit if you bought everything online - there are a few items you're better off buying in person. Some purchases are simply too crucial and intimate to be made blindly. Some may charge high shipping fees. And, depending on the source, some may lead you into unsafe and possibly criminal terrain. However, the siren song of Internet discounts can be difficult to ignore. So, like with everything else in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Getting a pet may be a life-changing decision, and purchasing one online can be simple. If you've spent hours looking at photographs of lovely animals in need of homes, it's tempting to just take one. It may seem strange, but it is feasible to have a dog or cat delivered to your home. However, that is not the ideal idea because you must be extremely cautious about the seller. There are numerous reputable rescue organizations that will transport a needy pet to another state if a local adopter cannot be found. In that case, we'd advise you to purchase online.

And while there are many reputable breeders online, scammers and irresponsible breeders abound. It is critical that you meet with the breeder in person and tour the facility to ensure that you are not purchasing from a puppy mill or another shady establishment. If it is not permitted, halt the procedure immediately and report them to the Better Business Bureau. Never, ever buy from an unethical animal dealer, whether online or in person. We can't image purchasing a pet without first caressing it and learning about its personality from a real person.


This one is in the same category as automobiles. Buying a house can be such an elaborate, drawn-out, emotional process that it's difficult to fathom somebody buying one on the Internet without ever seeing it. It does happen, and it's growing more popular – investors and house flippers, for example, frequently purchase properties at online auctions. However, this does not imply that it is appropriate for everyone.

Most people who buy houses online are professionals with a well-thought-out strategy for obtaining the most bang for their buck. If you believe it is a simple way to get a good price on your own property, you should reconsider. If you're emotionally and financially prepared for the unknown costs of buying a house online, go for it. However appealing it may appear to buy a house using your laptop, most of us should stick to the tried-and-true approach of strolling around and checking sure everything is in order before handing over hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Home Appliances

There are so many great online appliance offers that this one may be difficult to pass up. However, for a variety of reasons, purchasing them in-store is still a better bet. So much can go wrong when shipping a refrigerator or dishwasher, and if it arrives broken, you'll have to figure out how to return it — and you may have to pay for it if you can't show when the damage occurred. Another factor to consider is service. When you buy in a shop, you may discuss shipping, installation, returns, and warranties with the salesperson.

You'll have to carefully read the fine print online, and you'll almost certainly have to phone or visit a store to explain things anyhow. Check out the shipping expenses, which may be quite high. Will you have to make your own installation arrangements? The last thing you want is a huge refrigerator box on your doorstep with no method of getting it inside. Your pals are unlikely to like having to come over and assist you in dragging it into your kitchen and figuring out how to install it. If you are unable to understand the setup instructions, you may need to hire someone to assist you.


Illegal narcotics are definitely something that, no matter where you get them, puts you at risk. The online market, on the other hand, appears to offer a safer, more convenient alternative to more traditional ways of drug acquisition. Why go to your friendly neighborhood dealer when everything can be delivered to your door, completely anonymously, with the click of a mouse? There are numerous websites that offer illegal narcotics that are easily accessible, but the actual activity is concealed in the deepest reaches of the Internet, which can only be located using advanced encryption software that makes you untraceable. Bitcoins are the money of choice on many sites, which provides another layer of protection.

The FBI shut down Silk Road, the forefather of black-market sites, in 2013, but dozens of others have popped up in its stead. So purchasing illegal narcotics online can be surprisingly simple and secure. However, this does not make it any more legal, nor does it make it possibly more traceable by smart law enforcement authorities. An internet transaction is just as unlawful as a handshake deal on a street corner, and you'll have no way of knowing if the product you receive is genuine or something even more harmful.


There are numerous reputable car-buying websites that offer excellent shipping and return policies as well as dependable customer support. They're frequently promoted as a means to avoid pushy salespeople and the haggling that comes with buying a car from a dealer in person. And we get – the regular car-buying process is so unpleasant that it's simple to see why you'd want to skip it. We have no doubt that many people are completely satisfied with the cars they purchased online, eye unseen. However, you should consider your comfort level with ambiguity as well as how much you value learning from firsthand experience.

There are so many things you won't understand unless you drive a car. How it feels and handles, how it smells, and how much legroom is actually available in the passenger seat. If you don't like anything, you'll have to deal with returning it, which is a pain no matter how generous the return policy is. And if you didn't purchase from a trusted source, things may become ugly. It's obviously a good idea to price-shop online before making any car-buying decisions, but buying one comes with a slew of problems - and that's before you even consider whether you're buying new or used.

Items From Suspicious Sites

There are some products you should not buy online, and there are some websites you should avoid. You undoubtedly have a mental database of dozens of reliable sites, but every now and then you'll stumble across an outstanding price on a site you've never heard of. The site may appear legitimate, but it frequently does not. Most of us have good enough radar to recognize a hazardous situation as soon as we see it.

The signs are an outdated web design with an overwhelming range of fonts, item descriptions in bad English, and no contact information. Just stay away, no matter how amazing the bargain seems. A lack of security is another red indicator. If you get to a page where you have to enter payment or other sensitive information, make sure the URL starts with "https" rather than "http." If it doesn't, the site hasn't been secured, and your information could be stolen. Get out of there as soon as possible and don't look back.

Prescription Medicine

If you don't have decent insurance, getting prescription drugs in the United States might be exorbitantly expensive. The allure of cheap internet medicines can be strong, and purchasing prescriptions from Canada or other nations is legally legal in the United States. However, the Internet prescription medication market, unsurprisingly, is massive and quite shady. In 2013, the United States The FDA conducted a sting operation that targeted 9,600 internet pharmacies and seized $41 million in illegal and counterfeit medications.

There are reputable internet pharmacies, but many of the illegal ones are so skillfully disguised — through website design and URLs that are extremely similar to those of well-known organizations — that it can be impossible to tell what's what. The previously indicated red flag guidelines certainly apply here, and you should additionally ensure that the site requires a signed prescription from your doctor. If it doesn't, it's a negative indicator. Bottom line: If you buy from a shady internet pharmacy, you have no way of knowing what you're buying, and the pills that arrive in the mail may contain an erroneous and potentially hazardous chemical composition. There's a reason why the medications are so inexpensive.

Fake Designer Goods Replicas

We're all aware that the Internet is rife with counterfeit and copycat designer goods. It's illegal everywhere to produce counterfeit designer goods, but it's completely legal in most areas to buy them. Whether it's ethical is another argument, but we're just here to make the point that buying them online is not a good idea. For one thing, many knockoffs are sold on the unsafe sites we cautioned you to avoid, and sites offering unlawful counterfeit items are almost always of the dodgy sort.

Who knows what these guys will do with your credit card information, and forget about being able to contact them if an issue arises, which might very well occur. If you proceed with the transaction, the item you receive may be of poor quality. If you must acquire knockoffs and counterfeits, at the very least handle and scrutinize them before purchasing.

Make-Up and Beauty Products

Every niche market has its own obsessive Internet world, and the beauty industry is no exception. There are countless makeup blogs, makeup reviews, and makeup videos, many of which include links to places where you can instantly get all of the components you need to look just like Elsa from "Frozen," or to recreate that smoky-eye tutorial you just watched. Can you truly know what you're getting unless you hold the things in your hand or, better yet, put them on your face first? Colors can be displayed differently and not totally accurately by different computer monitors.

Of course, buying online is a great way to replace or refill goods you've already used, but think twice before dropping $35 on a Chanel lipstick you've never tried. It may look lovely on a model, but even if she looks to have the same skin tone as you and the lipstick appears to be the appropriate shade, your monitor could be off. Take the time to test it out at a speciality makeup store or a retail store. It takes more time than acquiring everything with a few clicks, but you're more likely to be satisfied. If you must have that lipstick right away, make sure you carefully read the return policy - unsealed makeup is frequently not returnable.


We'll start by mentioning that, of course, you can refill your favorite perfume or cologne if you find a good deal online. Or perhaps you spritzed a certain fragrance across your wrists at a department store and later decide to buy a bottle. In that case, go ahead and get one online. But what if you find a lovely bottle of expensive perfume online and are captivated by the description? Keep it in mind. Reading something like "top notes of ylang-ylang combined with touches of bergamot and patchouli" can be motivating, but it also leaves you wondering what the perfume actually smells like.

Unless you have a finely tuned nose, you can't get a true sense of a fragrance until you put it on yourself — even spraying it in the air or smelling it on a buddy isn't enough. When it comes into contact with your skin, the aroma completely changes. You won't be able to return it once you've opened it and spritzed it. Always test a scent before purchasing it, and ideally, let it linger for a few hours.