Five sustainable decoration tips for your new home

Five sustainable decoration tips for your new home

The enormous work of decorating your home may seem a little frightening if you're a first-time homeowner. The abundance of options for paint, furniture, and lighting—not to mention the effects that each of these things has on the environment—may seem daunting. So, if you're concerned about the environment and your carbon footprint and want your home to reflect those values, you've come to the correct spot. Continue reading to learn more about some stylish and environmentally friendly decorating ideas for your new house that will make you the coolest property owner in the neighborhood.

Energy saving lighting

Choose energy-efficient products before deciding on a lighting theme for your house. Electricity is also saved with the use of smart controls like timers and light dimmer switches. Dimmers are useful for adjusting ambient lighting, while timers are quite effective in turning lights off automatically when not in use.

Vintage furniture

Waste reduction and preventing an outdated piece of furniture from ending repurposed in a landfill are the two things that are most environmentally beneficial. For a traditional feel in your new house, choose antique or vintage furniture. Additionally, a few coats of paint and simple fixes can readily turn outdated items into modern ones. Instead of spending money on a plastic item, check out your local furniture and thrift stores for amazing offers on used, hardwood pieces that are available at throwaway costs.

Sustainable materials

Consider using natural or sustainable materials like jute, organic cotton, bamboo, or cane when buying a new rug, drapes, flower vase, or wall hanging. They will not only distinguish your property in terms of design but also guarantee that your carbon impact is maintained to a minimum.

Timeless designs as opposed to trends

When decorating your first house, think about selecting patterns, concepts, and color schemes that will endure. For instance, pastels, earthy tones, and neutral hues are wonderfully simple to work with because they rarely clash with other decor elements or one another. When choosing paint, go for products that are safe for the environment and do not contain any chemicals.

Encourage your green thumb

Having flora nearby is one of the best methods to make your house seem vivacious and revitalized. Plants offer a breath of fresh air to your room at a fraction of the cost, making them excellent décor adds. If gardening intimidates you, you might want to choose low-maintenance plants like bamboo trees, succulents, or money plants.