Create Your Own Tinted Moisturizer

Create Your Own Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer is the ideal compromise between going bare-faced and wearing your regular foundation all over your face. This beauty must-have adds just a dash of color to your face while also brightening and evening out your skin tone. Of course, tinted moisturizer will not provide the flawless finish of foundation; instead, you will notice a more subtle impact, with skin that seems sheer and dewy rather than covered up.

While a quick journey down the beauty aisle may reveal dozens of tinted moisturizers, many budget fashionistas prefer to build their own moisturizer tint using things they already own. Instead of spending money on new products, try blending moisturizers and foundation from your existing collection to vary up your style while saving money. It's a terrific way to use up those bottles of foundation that are just a touch too opaque or aren't quite the correct color. This type of DIY makeup tip can also help you extend the life of a fantastic foundation that has been discontinued or is simply too expensive to purchase on a daily basis.

A DIY moisturizer tint not only saves you money, but it also allows you to produce a fully tailored product that's perfect for your skin. Love your foundation but despise its lack of SPF? To protect against sun damage, combine it with a high-SPF moisturizer. Want the least amount of coverage with the most moisture? For hydration with a hint of color, apply extra moisturizer and a dab of foundation.

Unlike foundation, which comes in an almost endless variety of hues to match any skin tone, tinted moisturizers often come in a restricted number of shades, forcing many purchasers to choose an unsuitable color. Making your own moisturizer tint with your preferred foundation and facial moisturizer allows you to create a product with the precise color and texture you want, rather than having to settle for store-bought colors. Even more importantly, you can modify the foundation-to-moisturizer ratio to achieve your desired amount of coverage.

Are you ready to start mixing? Begin with your favorite liquid or mineral powder foundation and a bottle of facial moisturizer. Squeeze a few drops of moisturizer into your hand, enough to cover your skin, and then apply an equal quantity of foundation. Combine the two ingredients and apply to your face with your palm or a cosmetic sponge. If you want more coverage, add more foundation to the mix; if you want a more natural look, reduce the amount of foundation and increase the level of moisturizer.

Can't seem to find a color that suits your skin tone? Mix a few drops of foundation from two different bottles into your moisturizer until you find the perfect hue. It's that easy! Once you've found the ideal combination for you, purchase small plastic travel bottles to mix a greater amount of moisturizer tint for convenient everyday application. Remember to include a few drops of sunscreen to protect your face from sun damage.