Celebrating Thanksgiving Dinner At The Big Apple

Celebrating Thanksgiving Dinner At The Big Apple

Do you spend the entire Thanksgiving holiday toiling away in the kitchen? Do you have to offer the entertainment and food for your complete family? Wouldn't it be wonderful to spend the day having someone else prepare, serve, and clean up the meals for you? Put your old family recipes and cookbooks away if you said "yes." Travel to New York City this year. This article will discuss several places to eat a typical Thanksgiving meal as well as some places that offer a special holiday eating experience.

Thanksgiving Dinner Cruise

New York Harbor cruises may be enjoyable, as both Statue of Liberty visitors and Staten Island Ferry commuters are aware. Even while the rides are fun, a more thorough navigation of Manhattan Island is superior. Would you like some breathtaking landscape to go with your bird? You should go on a Thanksgiving dinner cruise. For reservations, get in touch with one of the three companies that dominate the city's dinner cruise scene: World Yacht, Spirit Cruises, or Bateaux New York.The ship operated by Bateaux, which is berthed at Chelsea Piers, has floor-to-ceiling windows, unexpectedly tasty meals, and a respectable band.

You can select a lunch or dinner cruise for Thanksgiving Day. Taxes, gratuities, and alcoholic beverages are not included. The main entree on both voyages is free-range turkey. There are also vegetarian options available. The huge boat operated by Spirit, which is also berthed at Chelsea Piers, offers a buffet-style lunch cruise on Thanksgiving Day. Taxes and alcoholic beverages are not included in the cost. The World Yacht is situated at Pier 81 on West. 41st. They are providing a four-course meal, music, and dancing, in addition to a lunch cruise. Beverages, taxes, and gratuity are additional, much like the other two lines.

Fraunces Tavern

Fraunces Tavern is the ideal setting if you want to think about American history while eating your Thanksgiving dinner. This business, which is housed in one of Manhattan's oldest structures, was a favorite of prominent revolutionary figures, such as General George Washington, who gave his illustrious officers' farewell speech in the tavern's spacious long room. The Fraunces is now a restaurant and museum, with a number of its public spaces spread across its three stories.

After being closed for a while in the late 1990s, the restaurant was refurbished and reopened by a partnership led by New York restaurateur Mike Rakusin. Concerned about the requirement to don your most revolutionary garb? Never be. The Fraunces doesn't have a dress code since it goes against "the spirit of freedom and independence." The Fraunces is situated at 54 Pearl St. in the heart of Manhattan. Le Cirque, a well-known New York landmark, offers an additional choice. This midtown French-Italian restaurant is a favorite of celebs and features circus-themed artwork. For Thanksgiving, it offers a three-course fixed-price meal. Make sure you reserve your space in advance.

Little Italy Thanksgiving Dinners

It's hardly surprising that finding a restaurant open on Thanksgiving Day in the Mulberry St. area might be challenging because the majority of the top Little Italy eateries are family-run businesses. On the holiday, a few good locations are still lit. Here are some recommendations. Thanksgiving Day, Il Cortile is open and provides a traditional Little Italy experience. Roman-garden-inspired design may be found in the enormous, elaborate dining room.

You'll be reciting Julius Caesar in no time thanks to the lush vegetation, statues, white columns, fountain, and enormous skylight. Despite how entertaining the interiors may be, you are paying for the food, which is above average because of chef Michael DeGeorgio. Along with its normal menu, the posh Novella will serve a special prix fixe Thanksgiving meal. Chef Vincenzo Pezillo. If you want another round of dessert after dinner or a sweet treat on Friday morning, visit the La Bella Ferrara bakery.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinners

Vegetarians have essentially received the short end of the stick on a holiday dedicated to slowly cooking a large chicken. Fortunately, there are plenty of top-notch restaurants in New York City where vegetarians can enjoy a Thanksgiving feast. Counter at 105 First Street. Ave. in the East Village has a prix fixe Thanksgiving menu for $65. For an extra $35, a wine pairing is also available with each course. Do you want to choose your own wine? There are more than 50 organic wines available at the restaurant.

Both the historic Candle Cafe at 1307 3rd Ave. and the brand-new Candle 79 restaurant are located on the Upper East Side. Both locations will open at 2:00 p.m. to 9 p.m. during Thanksgiving. Candle, the 2005 Restaurant of the Year winner named by "New York Naturally," is preparing an unique organic/vegan Thanksgiving meal this year. You have the option of ordering food à la carte or from a prix fixe menu.

The most well-known "raw food" restaurant in New York is arguably Pure Food and Wine, located at 54 Irving Place. A special Thanksgiving meal composed entirely of raw, vegan ingredients will be made available. Last year, the "turkey" was a Portobello mushroom that had been rubbed and marinated in sage. Additionally, the eatery's well-known 126 E. Complete Thanksgiving meals will be available for purchase the week before the holiday at the 17th St. takeout store.

Chinese Food Inspired Thanksgiving

The majority of Chinatown's eateries stay open on Thanksgiving Day, which will please anyone who is in the mood for a Chinese cuisine for supper. Ping's Seafood at 22 Mott St. is an excellent place to begin if you want to fully veer from the path of turkey. The seafood meals prepared here in the Hong Kong way are wonderful and extremely fresh; what you see in the tank of the restaurant is what you get on your plate.

Before your main course, be sure to order a round of both the pork and the crabmeat soup dumplings from Joe's Shanghai 9 Pell St. Try New Green Bo 66 Bayard St. if cheap but good food is what you're want. The atmosphere is unpretentious, and the food is from coastal Shanghai. The scallion pancakes and deep-fried eel are great comfort foods for the holidays.

Last but not least, despite being a little north of Chinatown itself, you should still include Chinatown Brasserie 380 Lafayette St. in your dinner plans. The chefs do Thanksgiving right, and the dining room is stunning. They cook turkeys in their specially designed Peking duck oven, giving the skin a beautiful, crisp, brown texture. The baked turkey buns and the turkey spring rolls are also not to be missed. Visit the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory at 65 Bayard Street for dessert and be grateful that ice cream was created in China.