Bugatti Mistral Roadster 2024 and Its Amazing Features

Bugatti Mistral Roadster 2024 and Its Amazing Features

Bugatti thoughtfully redesigned the Chiron's body with new lines, lighting, and other features instead of simply removing the roof.

  • The 2024 Bugatti Mistral roadster is more than a roofless Chiron, as we learned from Bugatti designer Jascha Straub.
  • Bugatti says the $5 million Mistral will "become the fastest roadster in the world," and its unique wraparound windshield was designed for that.
  • The Mistral's other standout details include reworked body lines, distinct lighting elements, and special interior materials.

The Mistral roadster, which also serves as the farewell for the renowned W-16 engine from the French automaker, is Bugatti's most recent masterpiece. The Mistral, a topless variant of the Bugatti Chiron, offers privileged aristocrats of the marque a wind-in-the-hair alternative in case their Gulfstream G800 Landaulet is in the shop. As Bugatti designer Jascha Straub showed us a prototype mockup during an exclusive preview on the grounds of the Bugatti Château last month before the reveal, he said, "Our customers begged for this, something that has been missing in the Chiron range." Additionally, we got a close-up look at five fascinating design components, which are described below.

An Expensive Haircut

An actual roof will be absent from the list of amenities. For emergencies, there will be some sort of foldable soft top, according to Straub. Making the $5 million Mistral roadster was more difficult than simply Targa-ing the Chiron's roof panel because "we wanted a real roadster. And a real roadster has no top." Straub remarked, "That aero wouldn't work for our highest speeds." Such a practical answer was unappealing visually as well. The subtle ovoid curve that encircles the A-pillar, roofline, air intake and rocker panel is known as the Bugatti trademark line. He continued, "It would remove the Bugatti hallmark line."

Staying in Character

One of Chiron's distinguishing design elements is its "signature line," which is reminiscent of the designs created by Ettore Bugatti, the company's founder, in interwar masterpieces like the Type 41 and Type 57. A visor-like, wraparound windshield and a lower, wider, flatter character line, inspired by those on the track-only Bolide and the one-off Voiture Noire, were added to the Mistral to retain that crucial body line.

A Familiar-ish Face

The horseshoe grille on the Mistral, a Bugatti signature, is unmistakable. The roadster's rest of the face, though, is more dramatic and appears to have been inspired by the ultra-limited Bugatti Divo and Bugatti La Voiture Noire. The front LED lighting features that resemble slats on the Mistral are another distinguishing facial feature.

Taillight Show

The red X-shaped taillights with the lighted Bugatti logo in the middle are among the Mistral's most striking features, letting onlookers know what just sped by them at speeds of more than 250 mph. The roadster features a very little back overhang that offers a perfect view of the exiting W-16 engine along with quad center-mounted exhaust points.

The Inside Scoop

Because they are the same, the Mistral's interior resembles the Chiron's cabin quite a bit. The roadster receives unusual materials, such as hand-woven leather that can line the seats and dash, and a standing elephant mascot designed by Bugatti that is enclosed in glass on the gearshift knob made of metal and rosewood.