7 Famous Travel Destinations to Avoid

7 Famous Travel Destinations to Avoid

We'll just say it: some well-liked holiday spots should be retired. Why would you spend your time and money at overpriced, overhyped, soulless tourist traps when the globe is filled with so many amazing destinations to visit? We advise crossing these locations off your travel wish list unless you want to squander your hard-earned vacation days.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas? Likely the American capital of suicide, according to a 2008 NPR study, and the rate is only increasing. However, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority reports that 43 million tourists visited last year. Why? The crowds are annoying, the clubs and casinos are pricey, and the reality just can't match up to the promise. Instead, consider going to Aspen, Denver, or Santa Fe if you want to explore the Southwest.

Cancún, Mexico

Does anyone still travel to Cancun? Unexpectedly, Booking.com reports that the 1990s spring break hotspot in Mexico is still gaining appeal, with a 49% occupancy rate for Christmas week. If your notion of Mexico involves lazing about all-inclusive resorts, downing watered-down margaritas, and basking in the sun, it's time for a reality check. There are so many great spots to explore in the nation, particularly in the Yucatán. Try Puerto Escondido, Mexico City, Tulum, or Puebla instead.


In this article from April, The New Yorker called Dubai "the World's Vegas" and "a non-place of a city," to some people's disapproval. If given the choice, as the author was, we advise picking the shortest layover possible, according to a Facebook commenter who was born and raised in Dubai: "People from Dubai are criticizing this article, but honestly it's the truth people from Dubai turn a blind eye towards."

Niagara Falls

Do you recall the TLC song line, "Don't go chasing waterfalls"? We obviously don't advise trying to chase Niagara Falls, so it seems they were onto something. You'll be forced to stay in pricey, unattractive hotels while being surrounded by throngs of other visitors who are all carrying cameras and wearing ponchos and vying for the same photo. After all of this, you won't even be able to eat a decent dinner. If you insist on seeing waterfalls, we advise going to Multnomah Falls in the vicinity of Portland, Oregon.

Pisa, Italy

It's true that viewing the Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of those things that many people believe they must experience before they pass away. However, there isn't much to do in this sleepy Tuscan hamlet once you get there, so you'll be one of the many visitors photobombing each other in an effort to capture the ideal moment. The tower is also not leaning as much as it once did. We suggest? Avoid it in favor of the more genuine villages in Tuscany. Users of Booking.com concur; for the week around Christmas, only 34% of Pisa's hotels are booked, compared to 53% in Montaione.

Orlando, Florida

How is Orlando still the most popular tourist destination in Florida? Orlando welcomed 113 million tourists last year, 66 million of whom came to Central Florida, which includes Orlando, according to the Orlando Sentinel. By all means, travel to Orlando, where hotels are currently at a 53% occupancy rate for Christmas week, if you enjoy sweating to death while waiting in never-ending theme park lines. However, the Sunshine State has even more alluring locations, such as Miami, which has recently experienced a cultural revival.


Unexpectedly, Travel + Leisure reported an increase of American tourists visiting Russia, and Moscow in particular, over the past 12 months. The Kremlin attracts 17 million visitors annually, which is more than Dubai (15 million), but considering the nation's human rights violations and possible interference in the 2016 U.S. election, we most definitely wouldn't want to go there right now.